Linkgraphix Signature S01 Fruity Animals Jam Tangan Wanita - Putih

Linkgraphix Signature S01 Fruity Animals Jam Tangan Wanita - Putih

Brand: Linkgraphix | Dijual di: Lazada
IDR 300.000 IDR 550.000
Bentuk case jam Round
Fitur -
Material kaca jam Plexiglass
Model S01
Movement Quartz
Tempat pembuatan pergerakan jam Japan
Warranty period 3 Months
Tipe garansi Seller Warranty
Ukuran case dalam mm 35mm to 39mm
Watch Dial Size 34mm
Anti Air 30m

S01 Fruity Animals - adalah jam tangan limited edition dari Linkgraphix dengan warna putih dan desain fusion hewan-hewan dengan buah-buahan yang unik oleh desainer BKK Bros

Jam tangan yang menggunakan Japanese Quartz Movement ini jugalah tahan air, dan dikemas dalam box akrilik yang sesuai dengan tema masing-masing jam tangan.

Plastic Case
Glossy PU Strap
Dial Diameter 34 mm
Strap Length 24.5 cm
Japanese Quartz Movement (Made in Japan)
Shower resistant
Stainless steel caseback
3 Month Warranty

" BKK BROS. " (Bangkok Brothers) After I resigned from my tedious fulltime job and became a freelance, I have discovered the inspiration which motivated me to do my work. They are from my surroundings, especially what I liked in my childhood such as the monsters, robots, heroes, VDO games, comics, and toys. I feel like I had a ride on a time machine to see myself in my childhood again. You can join me for more creativity.

" Fruity Animals " The images on this wrist watch are from Fruity Animals A-Z project. They originated from the fusion between animals and fruits of which the first alphabet of their words are the same. I create the story for each character in order to make it even more fun. For the image on the watch dial, it is a Dd Dragon Dog or Half Dog Half Dragon Fruit. If you have a Dragon Dog with you, it will be a blessing because of its name and color. The price of each dragon dog depends on the color and length and thickness of its peels as well as the inner color which varies from white to pink or red (you can check this out when the dragon dog opens its mouth).

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