Linkgraphix Signature XL02 Courage Jam Tangan Pria - Biru

Linkgraphix Signature XL02 Courage Jam Tangan Pria - Biru

Brand: Linkgraphix | Dijual di: Lazada
IDR 510.000 IDR 330.000
Bentuk case jam Round
Model XL02
Movement Quartz
Warranty period 3 Months
Tipe garansi Seller Warranty
Watch Dial Size 42mm

XL02 Courage - adalah jam tangan limited edition dari Linkgraphix dengan warna biru dan desain naga yang melambangkan keberanian (courage).

Jam tangan yang menggunakan Japanese Quartz Movement ini jugalah tahan air, dan dikemas dalam box akrilik yang sesuai dengan tema masing-masing jam tangan. Setiap tipe jam tangan Linkgraphix seri Signature hanyalah terbatas pada 500 buah di seluruh dunia.

Matt Plastic Case
Matt PU Strap
Dial Diameter 42 mm
Strap Length 25.5 cm
Japanese Quartz Movement (Made in Japan)
Shower resistant
Stainless steel caseback
3 Month Warranty

" Courage "  Dragons are cruel and dangerous because they are half god half animal whose destructive power is enormous.  Whoever can control a dragon, he or she is absolutely courageous.  However, before we can control them we may even have to sacrifice our lives, but it is worthwhile to do so.  Once we put them under control, we can have them assisting us to encounter with the evil.  Dragons are not the symbol of the wicked.  On the contrary, they are the symbol of courage.  This watch tells you about the power of dragons that you can conquer, similar to a goal in your life that you can achieve.

" Mike Wang "  “I started doing graphic work because I love art.”  My inspiration comes from everything around myself, nature, people, and online world.  My perspectives always differ from others. “Suffering motivates me to move forward, not happiness.”  I wish to apply some other things to graphic work such as photography, agriculture, and culinary.  My works are created from my personality which is like an extremist.  But I think it is something that contributes to my work because when I do something I will dedicate my life for it.  Importantly, I don’t like to contact with humans.

Established in 2005, link™ has worked as the bridge for graphic designer and graphic lovers.  Our mission is to present graphic designs which are created by both amateur  and professional designers to the public in the form of plastic watches which allow everyone to experience and enjoy graphic art in their daily life.

In addition to our distinctive graphic designs, we also value the performance and quality of our products by developing them to meet the global watch standard  with “MIYOTA” Metal Quartz Movement from Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. Japan.

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